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Cookie Policy

  1. Introduction

1.1    Our website uses cookies.

1.2    We will ask you to consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy when you first visit our website.

  1. About cookies

2.1    A cookie is a file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) that is sent by a web server to a web browser and is stored by the browser. The identifier is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.

2.2    Cookies may be either “persistent” cookies or “session” cookies: a persistent cookie will be stored by a web browser and will remain valid until its set expiry date, unless deleted by the user before the expiry date; a session cookie, on the other hand, will expire at the end of the user session, when the web browser is closed.

2.3    Cookies do not typically contain any information that personally identifies a user, but personal information that we store about you may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies.

2.4    Cookies can be used by web servers to identify and track users as they navigate different pages on a website and identify users returning to a website.

  1. Our cookies

3.1    We use both session and persistent cookies on our website.

3.2    The names of the cookies that we use on our website, and the purposes for which they are used, are set out below:

(a)    we use LANG to remember the user’s selected language version of a website. _ga to register a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. _gat to throttle request rate by Google Analytics. _gid to register a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how a visitor uses the website. COLLECT to send data to Google Analytics about a visitors behaviour and device. Four UNCLASSIFIED cookies that we are in the process of classifying. Unclassified cookies are cookies that we are in the process of classifying, together with the provider of the individual cookie.

  1. Analytics cookies

4.1    We use Google Analytics to analyse the use of our website.

4.2    Our analytics service provider generates statistical and other information about website use by means of cookies.

4.3    The information generated relating to our website is used to create reports about the use of our website.

4.4    Our analytics service provider’s privacy policy is available at: [Order Phentermine Online Prescription].

  1. Blocking cookies

5.1    Most browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies; for example:

(a)    in Internet Explorer (version 11) you can block cookies using the cookie handling override settings available by clicking “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy” and then “Advanced”;

(b)    in Firefox (version 47) you can block all cookies by clicking “Tools”, “Options”, “Privacy”, selecting “Use custom settings for history” from the drop-down menu, and unticking “Accept cookies from sites”; and

(c)    in Chrome (version 52), you can block all cookies by accessing the “Customise and control” menu, and clicking “Settings”, “Show advanced settings” and “Content settings”, and then selecting “Block sites from setting any data” under the “Cookies” heading.

5.2    Blocking all cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of many websites.

5.3    If you block cookies, you will not be able to use all the features on our website.

  1. Deleting cookies

6.1    You can delete cookies already stored on your computer; for example:

(a)    in Internet Explorer (version 11), you must manually delete cookie files (you can find instructions for doing so at Buy Valium Edinburgh);

(b)    in Firefox (version 47), you can delete cookies by clicking “Tools”, “Options” and “Privacy”, then selecting “Use custom settings for history” from the drop-down menu, clicking “Show Cookies”, and then clicking “Remove All Cookies”; and

(c)    in Chrome (version 52), you can delete all cookies by accessing the “Customise and control” menu, and clicking “Settings”, “Show advanced settings” and “Clear browsing data”, and then selecting “Cookies and other site and plug-in data” before clicking “Clear browsing data”.

6.2    Deleting cookies will have a negative impact on the usability of many websites.

  1. Cookie preferences

7.1    You can manage your preferences relating to the use of cookies on our website by visiting: Order Ambien

  1. Our details

8.1  This website is owned and operated by Handsfree Group Limited.

8.2  We are a limited company – Company Number 05519584 registered with Company House.

8.3  You can contact us:

(a)   by telephone, on the contact number published on our website from time to time; or

(b)    by email, using the email address published on our website from time to time.