Integrated Telematics

It's always worth investing in technology that makes your fleet safer and more efficient while saving you money. Telematics does just that.

Handsfree works alongside some of the most respected telematics companies to bring you systems that really do streamline your business.

We install an array of telematic features that enable you to monitor your vehicles as well as collect data that helps maximise the performance of your fleet. If desired, this data can be supplied to your back office staff a useful tool for updating inventories and accounts and a truly hands-free solution!

Features that enhance driver safety include:

  • Proximity Sensors - warns drivers if they are too close to other objects
  • Lane Assist - warns drivers if they stray outside their marked lane
  • Seat Belt Indicator - provides you information on driver's seatbelt use
  • Harsh Braking, Acceleration and cornering - details the number and location of incidents

Features that enhance driver efficiency include:

  • Idle Time - details the amount of fuel wastage due to unnecessary idling
  • Over-Revving - indicates drivers who are accelerating excessively by highlighting the amount of time the vehicle is above the recommended RPM range

Reduce your insurance premiums

Armed with all this valuable information, transport managers can encourage more efficient driving behaviours, cutting fuel and insurance costs.

For example, a large number of fleet accidents occur when the vehicle is in reverse. With our telematics system, drivers are alerted to close objects and the data collected informs them (and you) if they are reversing too often.

The result? Fewer accidents. And fewer accidents means lower insurance premiums, saving you valuable money as well as time that would otherwise be wasted on repairs.

In addition, Handsfree have partnered with some of the nation's leading providers of driving evaluations, giving you the option of reducing insurance liability based on positive trends.

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