Handsfree Group attend Blue Light Innovation 2017

Live demonstrations to Emergency and Rescue Services

The Conference

Handsfree Group’s attendance of the annual Blue Light Innovation Conference in London was a huge success.  

The overall attendance was phenomenal, comprising of 300+ senior professionals across 44 police forces, 50 fire & rescue services, 13 ambulance services, NHS trusts, general and local governments and emergency Services Charities.

The conference kicked off with some great speeches, one being from Gordon Shipley, Programme Director, Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP), who presented the opening keynote: “Managing the risk of upgrading the Emergency Services Network (ESN) before 2019”.  

Handsfree Group provided live demonstrations of their latest Fixed Vehicle Device (FVD) ESN solutions to the Emergency & Rescue Services (ERS) market. Gordon Shipley was present at one of the groups fixed Pei tel device demonstrations, which left Gordon feeling very encouraged by the solution’s capability and performance, in how it meets all forthcoming ESMCP requirements.

Fixed Vehicle Device (FVD)

Pei tels new PT5 FVD is already the most widely used emergency services system of its kind across Europe. Being equipped with GPS data-logging, video capability and the latest chipset, for exceptional communications across 2G, 3G 4G and LTE, makes it completely compatible with ESMCP.

Pei tel’s programmable ESN remote control button means the PT5 can be configured to auto text or auto call with a single button push. This button can also be used to covertly initiate a one way panic call.

PT5 has configurable operating modes and the ability to support multiple handsets in the same vehicle. The SIM card is securely installed, remotely from the actual handset and is able to auto-redial in the instance of lost signal.

Specialist Alert Division

The specialist Alert division at Handsfree Group help the UK Police, Fire and Ambulance services with the installation of critical communications and safety equipment into emergency response vehicles and mobile command centres.

Handsfree Group installers work to the highest FCS 1362 standard and are FITAS accredited. Our specialist team are able to supply and install the latest market leading vehicle technology on-site and also through our specialist vehicle installation centre, a high spec purpose built workshop facility.

Given our experience we know, precisely, how to support our ERS clients in preparation for the forthcoming ESN transition.

Emergency Services Network (ESN)

The emergency services mobile communications programme (ESMCP) will provide the next generation communication system for the 3 emergency services (police, fire and rescue, and ambulance) and other public safety users.

This system will be called the emergency services network (ESN). ESN will provide the next generation integrated critical voice and broadband data services for the 3 emergency services.

ESN will be a mobile communications network with extensive coverage, high resilience, appropriate security and public safety functionality. This allows users to communicate even under the most challenging circumstances.

In addition to the 3 emergency services, over 300 other organisations are active users of the current emergency communication service. ESMCP is working with them to help manage their transition to ESN.


If you would like any further information relating to the forthcoming ESMCP, or would like to arrange a visit from our FVD demo van, please contact us and speak to our expert team.

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