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Datalive Telematics is a fully-configurable, modular fleet telematics system that allows customisation to meet your business requirements. We will provide you with a simple, intuitive and easy to use system that avoids over-complication and unnecessary functions. Each of Datalive Telematics modules will provide you with dedicated reports that focus on Tracking, Tracing, Driver ID and Vehicle Efficiency. All of these reports are easily exported, printed or shared with colleagues from within the software..

Live Vehicle Training

datalive presentation phone
datalive presentation phone

Our fleet telematics solution allows you to greater understand
where your vehicles are and where they have been.

  • Vehicles can be located on a map view individually or by group
  • Live, real-time vehicle position and status reports
  • Nearest vehicle-to-location Search
  • Vehicle trace report

datalive presentation phone
datalive presentation phone

  • Vehicle Type, Registration & Status Icons
  • Driver ID
  • Direct Message, Driver Direction, Trace Report and Add to Favourites
  • Last Known Speed
  • Vehicle Location, Last Update Timestamp & Vehicle Odometer

Vehicle Trace Reports

datalive presentation phone
datalive presentation phone

Datalive Telematics vehicle trace reports allow you to assess the
activity of any driver/vehicle over a specified timeframe.

  • Quickly identify any speed infringements
  • Show the time a vehicle started its journey & arrived at its destination
  • Sequentially playback a vehicle journey
  • By understanding activity of the vehicle and driver, we’re able to optimise efficiency