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Welcome to Handsfree

Improve the way you manage your fleet - save money, increase efficiency and be safer on the roads.

Handsfree offer you more than just a hands free service. We supply and install a range of devices - from mobile communications to GPS tracking units - that help streamline your business.

The latest mobile technology allows you to keep in touch with your fleet and track its operations like never before. Mobile telecoms are already commonplace. But now you can monitor your vehicles for factors like safety and efficiency with pinpoint accuracy.

At Handsfree, we offer a whole range of packages designed to improve your transport communications and, importantly, keep them working. Our accredited engineers work throughout the UK, Europe and North America and can do anything from simple installations to implementing bespoke software and systems.

Whether you need to communicate with one vehicle or a fleet of thousands, Handsfree has the right combination of products and installation services that will get your business moving.

Fleet Communication

Keeping in touch with your fleet has never been easier. Handsfree partner with some of the world's most reputable communication brands, providing the tools you need to manage your fleet effectively. Satellite navigation systems have advanced tremendously in recent years. With our customised communication packages, you can now generate instant feedback on factors such as:

  • Comprehensive fuel efficiency
  • Environmental reporting: CO2 emissions
  • Geo-fencing: automatic calls alerting customers of driver proximity
  • Temperature tracking of refrigerated trailers

We also install a variety of charging cradles for handheld computers and can even customise mounting brackets for your vehicles.

In tough times, you might be reluctant to invest in brand new equipment. No problem. Handsfree refurbish old hardware at a fraction of the manufacturer's cost, so there's no need to start over.

Driver Safety

Accidents can set your company back a lot of money in the long term. Handsfree supply and install telematics systems, allowing you to monitor driving behaviours that increase the risk of accidents. These include:

  • Over-speeding
  • Harsh braking
  • Reversing
  • Seat belt usage

Armed with this valuable information, you can take action to reduce risk and save money.

Complete Installation Services

Wherever your business is located, you're not far from a Handsfree engineer. We operate a nationwide network, which means we can carry out installations and repairs swiftly. What's more, all engineers are fully accredited and regularly supervised to ensure the job is completed with the professionalism you'd expect.

Our hands-on project management team takes care of every stage of your operation, from planning and scheduling to designing software and technical manuals that facilitate an installation.

Whatever your needs, you can be sure of a flexible, resourceful and reliable service.

Contact us today to find out how we can get your transport communications working for you..

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